Although military drones are unmanned, hence the name UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), it is still being controlled by members of the Air Force–I doubt if someone in the control center saw a jet in their screens they would fly so close. The ramifications of a maneuver like that could be career-ending.

A civilian remote-controlled plane seems more plausible, although one climbing to 8,000 ft seems highly unlikely. Most beginner RC plane controllers are advised to steer clear of days with chances of high wind, due to a higher chance of crashing.

The FAA is still investigating the near mid-air collision.

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Denver International Conspiracy History

This isn’t the first time Denver has been under the light of the weird torch, for years the Denver International Airport was part of a conspiracy theory—one that placed the airport as the hub for the New World Order.

Murals depicting death, united world governments, and mass genocide decorate the walls of Denver International—not typical of artwork usually found at airports which usually showcase local talent and artist.

A video I found briefly goes over each piece of work (keep in mind, the opinions of the narrator do not reflect those of Strange Times USA) and can be seen here.

Jesse Ventura, former governor of California and conspiracy theory enthusiast shares his own theories about the Denver airport below; the above mentioned murals are mentioned, along with other claims that include underground bunkers for the top 1% when the world comes to an end.


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