Toys R Us Ghost Video: Still Unexplained After 4 Decades

Toys R Us Ghost | Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale, CA | August 5, 1978 – It was around the spring of 1978 when the producers of the show, “That’s Incredible”, started hearing reports about strange things happening in a Toys R Us location in Sunnyvale, CA.  However, these strange things happened mostly after hours.

There were reports from employees that claimed that they would hear whispers, the toys would be pushed around and triggered and even see strange shadows roaming the isles of the store.  More and more people caught wind of this and started to show up to see it for themselves.

This is when the producers of  “That’s Incredible” decided to produce a segment around this strange phenomenon that was apparently active without missing a night.  They contacted a renown medium and psychic, the late Sylvia Browne, and invited her to lead a seance to see if they could make contact with whomever was haunting the store.

The late Sylvia Browne

A group of about 15 or so people were gathered by the producers to join in the seance, to gather more energy so that what ever was there would manifest, using their energy.

Before the seance started, they invited a local photographer to take pictures.  However, this photographer was intentionally not informed about what he would be taking pictures of.  They asked him to bring cameras that would take pictures in pure darkness.  He came equipped with a couple 35mm single lens reflex cameras.  One was a high-speed black and white camera and the other was a camera with a special infrared film.


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